About us

New control systems was made for more than 300 woodworking and furniture machines in last 17 years.

Our services

Laquering and painting systems

UV roller coaters (more than 30 reconstructed machines) At present time we making replacement systems for automatic gun spray machines like Venjakob or Cefla

KUKA robots

We offer used KUKA robots prepared and equiped. For better pricing we use only KRC2 systems. Making only load - unload systems

New control systems for solid wood and furniture machines

Solid wood press Kallesoe, HJM (12 reconstructed machines) Finger joint GreCon, Kadis and similar (7 reconstructed machines) Drilling machines Rilesa and similar (7 reconstructed machines) Beam saw Giben, Griggio and similar (5 reconstructed machines) Cross cutting (10 reconstructed machines)